Eduardo Escobar great spanish instruments tester.

Especialized guitar ribbon microphone. OrtizLuthiers.



Raimundo Amador. Guitarrist and vocalist.

Nunca había grabado la guitarra flamenca con micro de cinta y ha sido un descubrimiento. Sonido natural y grande, sin efectos, sin ecualizar. En percusiones va fantastico.



Punta Paloma Studio (José Maria Sagrista)

Producer, sound engineer, songwriter and great guitarist (Círculo Vicioso, Triana, Gas ..). After several months of working with different ribbon mics, including one of our own, in addition to the wide range of dynamic and condenser microphones he works in his studio, we are pleased to offer his opinion:

"The ribbon Luthiers Ortiz, since he entered the study, is present in almost all tracks"


Pachi García

Pachi Garcia, composer, producer, and singer Baezano nominated for the Goya Awards 2013 in the category of Best Original Song. Throw the "Gathering emotional excesses." A double CD brings together the best songs from Pachi reversioned and duet with various artists: Lori Meyers, Supersubmarina, Iván Ferreiro, Zahara, Cristina Lliso, Suso Saiz ... eight new songs produced as simply and directly as possible. Your Alis group has primarily an original style.

Your opinion:

"I was looking for a microphone with a different sound for my voice. I contacted OrtizLuthiers and after several tests we achieved what we intended. It is soft, yet bright enough. I have also discovered that before the battery about six feet is brutal."



Max and Laura Braun

Great voice of Laura Braun. Duo in London, German, creators of beautiful songs and great videos.

Laura's voice recorded with a modified by us ribbon microphone. It was changed transformer and ribbon was converted to active electronics with classic bipolar transistors. Class A.

Thanks to David San Millan for his work in technical production in this video.



Compare Neumann U87 microphone and OrtizLuthiers model.

Both in the same conditions.

Avalon preamp, no compression, no EQabove the battery on separate tracks, a micro every time.

Recorded in Punta Paloma estudio, Tarifa (Cadiz).