Where we are

Our workshop is located in Sevilla, Spain and we repair, modification and new products
anywhere in the world.

About us

Luthiers Ortiz is not a brand or company production and sales . We are two brothers dedicated our entire lives to the sound, we have been musicians, technicians control equipment designers , repairers and teachers. For ten years working on the development of different products. Slowly, but without fail , we have started to have very interesting results that we want to start to publicize and market , but in a very traditional way . Hence the philosophy of our name " Ortiz Luthiers" . A Luthier does not compete with trademarks or mass production , only makes available to technicians, producers , musicians and audio enthusiasts , some instruments, or small parts of these , and as totally unique , robust and without makeup. Neither we compete on price or productivity. Only produce what we like and when we feel confident that the product is very good.


Our work is to clearly define the necessity of order and we do so :

We propose some basic design options microphones or parts, transformers, electronics etc..

When you speak with the client, we studied together the details of what you need and what we can change in each design.

Our manufacturing system is open, and do not produce in series and therefore can modify any design variable.

Defined the technical and aesthetic , the order is made under a private contract, with the payment of a part of the total price.

During the production process, which can last between 15 and 30 days, it will inform the client and start your order, via email and send you pictures of it .

Once completed and tested its operation the total paid and sent to the client, you can try for a while to return 3 months of the date of delivery.

We give a lifetime warranty on the whole. Damage to tapes are covered by our repair service that only charged transportation costs.

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