Repairs and modify microphones.

We repair ribbon microphones of any brand, both folded and piston type, as Beyer ribbon models.

We have tapes of various thicknesses.

Also adapt microphones your property and will install more efficient transformers.

We modified low cost microphones manufactured in China (MXL, Apex, Nady, Cascade, Victor, etc.) and made it a great tool.

Can we change to more powerful magnets, and if necessary adapt the group of magnetic guides to make it more efficient.

We can also turn your microphone active, building the PCB adapting to the space inside the mic.

This work takes time but it is a viable project.

We can make obsolete mics a very powerful tool.

Reapair and MOds images.


Royer R121

Bang & Olufsen

Oktava MK319 MOD

Beyer M320



Turner 101B. New Magnetic motor, custom transformer and active circuit.

Reslo. Magnetic core and ribbon replacement.


ElectroVoice V2

Oktava ML19

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