How to define an order ?

Ordering is necessary that you ask this question .

Active or passive ?

Active : More sensitivity (switchable ), phanton power, best for normal or weak signals, less influence impedance preamp, tape prevents breakage by accidental phantom power, avoid expensive preamps.

Passive: Less expensive, ideal for big sound pressure signals .

Near or far field ?

Microphones velocity or pressure gradients have a pronounced component of proximity effect. We attenuate this effect with a special transformer design for this use. We can even change the roll off slope attenuation.

Brilliant or Vintaje sound ?

The main design of the microphone is in the group of the ribbon, magnets and body or irons. There are two basic tendencies " Long pad / short ribbon" and "Short pad/ long ribbon ".
The micros Long pad / sort ribbon have more tendency to attenuate high frequency, since the distance that needs to travel the wavefront, the front to the back of the ribbon is higher, so the wavelengths of small wave (high frequencies) are hindered compared to long wavelengths (bass). We also have the variable thickness of the ribbon, which defines different sounds. Thinner ribbons are more sensitive, but to increase its impedance, transformers have to place them lower ratio between primary and secondary, so that the total impedance reflected is not to high. Ideally, the preamp is at least 5 times the impedance of the microphone. If your microphone has 300 ohm preamplifier should be at least 1500 ohms. The thickness of the tape is very important, the finer is the easiest ribbon break is also committed to the low frequencies is more critical. A tape 4 or 5 microns is a good choice for micro direct and powerful sources (electric guitars and bass at full). For more subtle uses should go from 0.6 to 2.5 microns .

Classic or modern look ?

Case Cylindrical microphone fat and Vintaje screen

Each technician has his weakness for a type of micro. The modern type microphone is lighter but needs a spider as sem suspension system or ground vibrations. In the classical type or vintaje microphones have an interior space within the dome that allows us to introduce the system anti impacts within the same microphone. The body magnetic unit is suspended by an elastic system. This system is not implemented by any trademark and is a variant created by us. Avoid horrible spiders that take up unnecessary space.


Own or corporate image.

It can also be personalized with your name or logo screen printed, which demonstrates the exclusivity of a Luthier tool.

Microphone luxury.

We manufacture a "complete microphone ", with the possibility of working in active and passive, with reduced proximity effect with two independent processors and gain control electronics. Only serves to models classic look due to space for all the circuitry.

Examples of use and our suggested configuration:

Intimate vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, winds, strings. (Micro active , near-field , short pad) .

Environments drums, horn sections sound far-field. ( Micro active, high gain).

Electric and bass guitars loud. (Passive Micro ribbon from 2.5 to 5 microns, reduced proximity effect, anti domestic impact, classic look).


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