Our electronics

We build phantom powered preamplifiers in both versions with classical Bipolar transistors and JFETs as low noise preamplifiers. This internal or external, fixed preamplifier impedance ratio with the most favorable for pre or mixer preamplifier, which results in a better adaptation and less influence on the response curve produced by the reflected impedance of the preamplifier on ribbon, as in the passive microphones. This affects the mechanical damping of the ribbon itself and slightly modifies its response.
Our active circuits are secure against breakage of the ribbon that occurs sometimes in microphones liabilities due to a bad connection unwanted phanton. They are designed for low power consumption, less than 4 milliamps. Two configurations are Class A bipolar and JFETs are designed with a current mirror dual class A. Very low noise and great gain.
There is a preamp / external booster that is placed on a XLR adapter that connects to the output of the microphone, this preamp is also used for dynamic microphones, like the SM7 or any other you want to amplify with crystal clear sound and low noise.


In summary the active microphone is:

- Safer. (Prevents breakage of ribbon) .

- More sensitive (increase its gain 20 to 30 dB relative to liabilities) .

- No need very expensive preamps.

- Better signal / noise ratio .

They are indispensable instruments for capturing low signals or distant microphones. As well as for other uses.


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