The luthier, with his own hands, gradually builds a unique instrument. It's going to shape the wood, gently polishing the mast, looking at their edges loudness and materials.

In Ortiz Luthiers, do our work with the same patience and care, in the belief that our customer will enjoy a single microphone.

When a technician or producer decides to buy a micro, you can choose from many brands and types of microphones, all manufactured in series. We build to your specifications. We made in Ribbon technology. As explained in " Ribbon or capacitor " provides the most realistic and natural than those currently produced sound.

Our production is small and can change many design variables. It is an open system and the base is to know what the customer needs and what we can offer .

If you are an amateur or professional of sound and are interested in this way of working, talk to us and we will give you much information.


Video demo microphone for guitars (Por Abel Franco)



Image optimization magnetic block with FEA analysis.

Cilindrical Fat body internal and external damp.

Stereo Blumlein

Vintaje 3

















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