Our production is completely handmade. Only two people work in our small home workshop. We are not pretentious and we our virtue and humility is the quality in what we do. We will not become millionaires. We produce very few units. For us this is a hobbit.
We have spent many years collecting information, doing thousands of tests. Comparing materials, looking for the highest quality components. Buying with little effort required tools and equipment for manufacturing. At this time we have learned everything to control all the processes needed to make a microphone.

The design phase has been very hard for the number of months devoted to the optimization of the magnetic field and we need to form in the world of physical domínios simulation with finite element calculations FEA computer.

We have learned the use of tools for metal work with them to create the magnetic block have previously calculated. With a manual milling machine and lathe manufacture all the parts needed.

Market knowledge supply the best magnets has been very important.

We found a good manufacturer of aluminum foil of high purity.

We have learned the best technique of folding the ribbon.

We selected meshes bronze and stainless steel for protection and compensation impedance of the ribbon.

The transformer cores are the most modern and efficient market .

The wire used in transformers is triple layer protective magnetic and high purity copper.

We prepare them with special varnishes to prevent magnetostriction .

We use protection Mumetal alloy 80 % Nickel .

Our case shielding ourselves with the manufacture of steel 0.8, with tools embedded in our manufacturing and cold with our own press.

The electronics have been designed entirely by us, is a Class A preamplifier transistors BJTs ultra low noise balanced output and configurable gain. The printed circuit boards are also made at home.

Prepare paints with various techniques .

We also do screen printing at home without the microphone at any time out of our hands.

Finally we make all tests us.

Our security is that everything passes through our hands , no one is forced to do x units per hour , or have personal problems or productivity. We make a calm and controlled at all times work.

Surely not find any manufacturer who can afford it , to enjoy both work .

We have also made our own site, which we will improve . Accepted suggestions.