Neodymium is the basis of the most powerful magnets that exist today. It belongs to the group of rare earths and its alloy with iron and boron have revolutionized the world of electronics equipment.

Without this alloy, hard, mobile exist in the size of integration that currently have, or hard drives could be as small and fast. It has also come to the world of sound, making it lightweight and efficient speakers, and microphones. In this regard, microphone ribbon was the best in terms of evolution stopped in relation to the neodymium.

Years ago, when the ribbon microphone was discovered, there were only ferrite magnets, Alnico and later. But to get high power magnetic fields large amount of magnetic mass is needed.


This created a weight problem and lack of sensitivity. And a substantial loss at high frequencies by diffraction caused by the volume of the guides leading the magnetic flux from the magnets to the edges of the tape.

The ribbon microphone works by the pressure difference between the front and back side of the tape. The largest is the space that separates both sides travel long (long pad), more disability have high frequencies , and therefore are canceled . Not a problem for the person who wants a smooth sound at high frequencies, but one that requires a microphone, in part, replace and compete with the condenser has to look a little more treble sound live. This has been achieved through the introduction of Neodymium.